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Imagine this–you’re visiting Grenada on business. After work, you decide you’d like to round out the day with some good food and a cold drink. Molly’s Place catches your eye–with vintage cocktails, craft beer, and handcrafted dishes, it sounds like exactly what you’re looking for. You decide to go with the Ribeye Steak, paired with Molly’s Magical Lemon Drop. Your meal is peppered with stimulating conversation with locals, who give you tips on how to make the most of your stay in Grenada, and maybe even let you in on the secret of the best fishing spots on the lake. By the end of the day, you wish you were staying longer. 

Your second day in Grenada is spent in a business workshop at First & Green. When it wraps up, you go out to the central Courthouse Square. You’re in luck–Pickers on the Square just started a set, and you snag a great spot under a tree to sit and listen. Before dinner, you wander around the square, enjoying the unique shops, including a large selection of antique stores stocked with one-of-a-kind treasures. As you leave one shop, you get a whiff of some good old-fashioned barbecue that’s calling your name. A pitstop for a little appetizer is in order before you head over to Molly’s Place for another delicious meal.

When Sunday morning rolls around–the day you’re supposed to leave–you’re reluctant to go. You’ve been hearing about Grenada’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil War, cotton farming, The Freedom Trail, and the Birth of America’s music. You decide to stay on another couple of days so you can learn more about Grenada’s past and fish for some Crappie at those secret spots on Grenada Lake. After all, you’ve heard from the locals that it has the best Crappie fishing in the USA. How can you resist?

Plan 1

  • Breakfast at Square Market
  • Work conference at First & Green
  • Barbecue and music in the Square
  • Dinner at Molly’s Place
  • Restful sleep a lofts on The Square

Plan 2

  • Weekend day trip to Grenada Lake
  • Fishing and boating 
  • Lunch at Square Market
  • Visit Blues Trail Markers 
  • Fried shrimp and crawfish cakes at Molly’s Place

In the heart of North Mississippi, just off I55 and centrally located between Jackson and Memphis, you will find the town of Grenada. Whether you’re looking for a new home, a home-away-from-home, or place to launch or relocate your business, we welcome you to join our growing community.

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