Our Story

Connect past and future in the lovely present

Grenada History

Reflecting generations of peerless hospitality

Vibrant in sight and sound, Grenada was established in 1836 as the result of the union of two rival towns: Pittsburg, Mississippi, and Tulahoma, Mississippi. Residents came together and “married” the two towns in a massive July 4th celebration. Since that day, Grenada has been a haven of hospitality for residents and travelers alike. It is a small southern town, full of character and charm. Nestled in a beautiful and serene landscape with abundant parks, green spaces, an expansive lake, and a historic Downtown District, Grenada offers a welcome getaway for the traveler–and is an ideal place to call home.

Renovations & Economic Growth

Teeming with hidden gems

Grenada’s Downtown has always been the heart of the city and county. Sadly, for many years it was neglected, and nearly abandoned, until capable community members stepped in. Today, Grenada’s Downtown is the center of a growing community focused on the arts, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Historic architecture is juxtaposed with innovative ideas that sustain unique businesses, music, dining, events, and living spaces. In the last decade, 38 of the 90 buildings in the Grenada Downtown Historic District have changed hands. Unused spaces have been given new life–like First & Green Celebrations, which underwent a two-year renovation and opened its doors in January 2016. The former “Grenada Hardware” has been rebuilt top to bottom with 4,000 square feet of event space downstairs, a state of the art kitchen, and three luxury loft apartments upstairs.

To the Future

We invite you to visit our home

Our town offers visitors what residents call the “fullest adventure.” Escape the hustle and bustle of big cities and traditional tourist stops. Instead, make new friends in wondrous surroundings. Listen to musicians perform. Pick out colorful vegetables at the market. Attend one of the many events hosted downtown, or stop by our unique shops and restaurants. Enchanting forests, swamps, and rivers surround the town, just waiting for you to explore. Be sure to spend a day on our beautiful lake right down the road. Wherever your adventure to Grenada takes you, remember to dream big and live slow. Welcome to Grenada.

Grenada Community Foundation

I am Downtown Grenada

Momentum is growing as we work towards developing our beautiful Square into the arts and entertainment center of Grenada. Complete with rehabilitated buildings offering apartments and attractive spaces, Grenada’s Downtown is a place for artists, musicians, and just plain folks to live and work. (And eat! And play!)

Our Adventure

Investing in the future of Grenada

When Deborah Hicks Midanek, a New York City turnaround executive, met Coley Bailey, a Mississippi cotton farmer, an unlikely story began. It didn’t take long for Deborah to fall in love with both Coley and his hometown of Grenada, Mississippi. Once married, Deborah and Coley began to dream about potential ways to revitalize the all-but-abandoned Courthouse Square, the emotional heart of the city and county of Grenada. Since 2008, they have been investing in Grenada’s downtown district, building a bright future on the rich foundation of its past.

We have a wonderful collection of photos to share that show the changes being made every day!